Dreams Do Come True…Always!

Wow! This is my very first blog in years! I felt inspired to begin a new blog to share the journey of my book adventure with you, since this is my greatest dream come true. I never imagined writing a 400-page inspirational book that will hopefully guide many people on the path of living their dreams. I know that this book is powerful and effective because it has guided me on that very same journey….in other words, it works! Phew!

I also wanted to create a forum where people would feel inspired to share their most treasured dreams with myself and others. And since my book, Cracking the Family Code: A Guide to Living Your Dreams, is all about how to create and live your most magical dreams, this blog seemed like the perfect next step.

We are all here on this planet to live our deepest, most miraculous dreams. For me, that means being able to share the gifts from my heart and soul with others in my life, and experiencing abundance along the way. It means feeling love, creativity and inspiration on most days of my life. It means knowing that I can create absolutely anything, as long as I am willing to trust myself enough to commit to that process. It means being LOVE.

Sometimes, that process is easy, flowing and magical! And other times, it can be challenging and painful. Oftentimes, people lose hope of creating their dreams.

It is my intention that through this forum you will find hope and inspiration to follow all of your most treasured dreams, no matter what happens. It is my wish for you to remember that you are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot create for yourself!

What is one of your most treasured dreams?

Published by

Leslie E. Miller

Leslie Miller believes in magic and miracles. She is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner, Intuitive Counselor and Inspirational Teacher. Her special gift is to inspire and empower people to follow their intuition and visions in order to live their dreams.

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