Earth Day Book Signing

Wow! What fun I had at Earth Day this year! For the first time, rather than being one of the speculated 50,000 visitors, I was signing books as an exhibitor. I met some truly special souls that I will never forget! There were a few people who just walked up to my table, all bright and shiny, with a big HELLO! They just knew they wanted to buy my book without even talking with me, like they had known me their entire lives, and had expected me to be there waiting for them with a book. It was so magical!

Others wanted to talk and get to know me, and to understand more about the messages contained within the pages of my book. Some people interpreted “Dreams” in the title to refer to nighttime dreams, rather than our greatest wishes in life…although this book does briefly touch upon the importance of receiving messages in our dreams at night as well.

Thank you so much to all of the beautiful souls who came to visit me on this very special day! Love and light…XO

Published by

Leslie E. Miller

Leslie Miller believes in magic and miracles. She is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner, Intuitive Counselor and Inspirational Teacher. Her special gift is to inspire and empower people to follow their intuition and visions in order to live their dreams.

2 thoughts on “Earth Day Book Signing”

  1. I am savoring each and every chapter, page and paragraph of your magical, inspired and inspiring book. I was one who wanted to get to know you at Earth Day and so thankful that our souls brought us to that moment. Now I get to talk to you again every time I open The Love Letter from Your Soul.

    Yes indeed my journal and I have become companions giving my soul has another route to help my brain keep up with my heart …. pure joy and wonderfulness!

    A quote from my reading this morning that I found particularly inspiring and relevant, so much so that it is also written in my journal your words, in my handwriting = exquisite!

    “When you follow your blissful feelings, you’ll want to be completely present for every moment of your own miraculous journey.”

    Enjoy your beautiful day — Dave

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  2. Wow, Dave! What a beautiful note to receive from you…thank you so much! I am so thankful to have connected with you on Earth Day! And I am so happy that you are inspired by my book….that makes my heart so joyful! Wishing you a magical day filled with love and miracles! 😉

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