Earth Day Book Signing

Wow! What fun I had at Earth Day this year! For the first time, rather than being one of the speculated 50,000 visitors, I was signing books as an exhibitor. I met some truly special souls that I will never forget! There were a few people who just walked up to my table, all bright and shiny, with a big HELLO! They just knew they wanted to buy my book without even talking with me, like they had known me their entire lives, and had expected me to be there waiting for them with a book. It was so magical!

Others wanted to talk and get to know me, and to understand more about the messages contained within the pages of my book. Some people interpreted “Dreams” in the title to refer to nighttime dreams, rather than our greatest wishes in life…although this book does briefly touch upon the importance of receiving messages in our dreams at night as well.

Thank you so much to all of the beautiful souls who came to visit me on this very special day! Love and light…XO

Deep Gratitude…

Today, I feel such a deep sense of gratitude for SoulScape and for the beautiful connections I have with the angels who work there, and for all of the people who are buying my book. I stopped in today to say hello and to look at the beautiful treasures they carry, especially the crystals, and I discovered that my books had all sold in just three weeks! Joy filled my heart and I was so excited! I restocked their shop with more signed copies and felt so thankful that my magical, powerful book is making its way out into the world…hopefully helping people to live their most treasured dreams! That is my intention…

My First Book Signing and Launch!

There are days in our lives that are so special, we will remember and cherish them in our hearts forever and ever! Last Friday was one of the top, best, most favorite days of my life! I had my book launch and very first book signing at the Del Mar Plaza…the weather was absolutely perfect! People that I didn’t expect to show up surprised me! I felt showered with self love, and love and support from others! It was MAGICAL!

I’ve always known that there has been no greater act of self love for me than writing this book….and publishing it so I could share it with others! Gifting myself this event felt like one of the best days of my life! This was my wedding day where I married myself….committed and dedicated to my life purpose. This is the greatest dream in my life thus far….way more than I ever could have imagined! Love, magic and miracles!

Divine Timing

The concept of Divine Timing is so important to grasp and snuggle with in our lives! We never want to make the grand mistake of believing that our most treasured wishes and dreams are not coming to fruition. All of the beautiful abundance and joy that is our birthright to experience is always all around us, and on its merry way. It’s just a matter of being patient and believing that we are powerful enough to create our most magical dreams…and then some!

My greatest dream in life thus far has been writing and self-publishing my inspirational book. That said, at times this was a far from an easy process. Sometimes there were obstacles that created so much confusion for me. There were many times when I wondered if my book would ever truly become a BOOK!

I trusted as best as I could, taking baby step after baby step, and now I am experiencing the most beautiful joy and love from my creation! And you too will experience your most miraculous wishes!

TRUST in your most treasured dreams because it is only a matter of time before they come to fruition for you!

Dreams Do Come True…Always!

Wow! This is my very first blog in years! I felt inspired to begin a new blog to share the journey of my book adventure with you, since this is my greatest dream come true. I never imagined writing a 400-page inspirational book that will hopefully guide many people on the path of living their dreams. I know that this book is powerful and effective because it has guided me on that very same journey….in other words, it works! Phew!

I also wanted to create a forum where people would feel inspired to share their most treasured dreams with myself and others. And since my book, Cracking the Family Code: A Guide to Living Your Dreams, is all about how to create and live your most magical dreams, this blog seemed like the perfect next step.

We are all here on this planet to live our deepest, most miraculous dreams. For me, that means being able to share the gifts from my heart and soul with others in my life, and experiencing abundance along the way. It means feeling love, creativity and inspiration on most days of my life. It means knowing that I can create absolutely anything, as long as I am willing to trust myself enough to commit to that process. It means being LOVE.

Sometimes, that process is easy, flowing and magical! And other times, it can be challenging and painful. Oftentimes, people lose hope of creating their dreams.

It is my intention that through this forum you will find hope and inspiration to follow all of your most treasured dreams, no matter what happens. It is my wish for you to remember that you are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot create for yourself!

What is one of your most treasured dreams?